Champions Online – Pre-release Thoughts

So a few weeks back I pre-ordered Champions online in anticipation for the up-coming Open Beta, and a few things are troubling me.

Firstly is the fact that they’ve been giving out pre-release Beta keys for the best part of a week, and I have yet to recieve it. I’m guessing that it’s because Amazon are waiting until the end of this week before giving them out (and every time I get the ‘You have a new Email from’ pops up I get a little bit excited, until, inevitably, it’s just an advert trying to get me to buy more Portable Hard Drives)

The second thing is the lack of Regional Servers in Champions online. Everyone will be playing on the one server. There are several ‘shards’ per zone, so that you can swap between say, Millenium City 1 and Millenium City 2, should the first be too busy. However, as far as I’m aware these are all going to be hosted in the USA, 5000 miles away from us European customers.

The worry is that we’ll start to get a raw deal when it comes to playing onĀ  those servers, as a busy MMO server in Europe (Read: WoW) can easilly reach 200ms latency. Something of that magnitued hosted in the states will likely suffer much higher latency. There have been no reports of high pings so far, but then again, the world is hardly highly populated at this point, but the best (by the laws of physics) that the ping can be is ~50ms (Eminently playable)

I fear that we Yurpeons will be left in Laggy Hell, and is the main reason why I refuse to purchase a 6-month or Lifetime Subscription to the game (Others include the fear that the game will turn out to be a glorified game of dress up)

Speaking of Dress-up, I have a few Character ideas for Champions Online already crystalised in my head, the first is a cross between a monk and a paladin, a fists melee with a smattering of force and possibly some supernatural powers called Cardinal Numbers who’s cosutume will be a cardinals cassock (think Neo’s outfit in the first Matrix film with a red belt) and is really an extension of my City of Heroes Empath Leviticus – except with the ability to fight back. The second is a ranged, radiation (will likely be a re-coloured Fire powerset) powered Super Heroine, visually based on the 1940’s/1950’s propoganda and advertising posters (Like the Cartoon Pin-up style girls) called Enola Gay (named after the B-52 bomber that dropped Little Boy on Hiroshima, the aniversary of which was last week)

I have a mix of anticipation and anxiousness about Champions Online. I hope my fears are unfounded, but until I play it next week (I hope) I won’t know.

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2 Responses to Champions Online – Pre-release Thoughts

  1. kikirowr says:

    The shards for CO are actually instances, or are called that for now, haha. When you enter a new zone it asks you which instance you want to enter, and shows a list of people in that zone.

    The UK servers are being hosted in Boston, so it shouldn’t be that bad ><

    I have two big CO posts to put up (in the closed beta and my boyfriend works for Cryptic) but I can't till friday ;_;

  2. pitrelli says:

    hey hey

    Im in the closed beta of Champions and am from the uk, I have had an absolute blast so far with Champions. Im hoping the ping rates stay at a decent level (in closed beta for me they usually sit around 50-100).

    The game isnt really like CoH, it shares some likenesses but IMO it is a hell of alot more fun. Combat is fast and furious and just darn right chaotic. Good times.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I am when you finally get in

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