Champions Online Amazon Pre-order

Thank you for contacting at

I understand from your message that you have 
placed pre-order for"Champions Online (PC)"
 and you have not yet received the code
granting you access to pre-release testing 
of the game along withanother code granting 
early access and exclusive in-game items
(a Harlequin Headpiece and Retro Jetpro) 
on the game's release.

Please note that we will be emailing the 
codes on August 14, 2009(Friday) once 
received from the publisher. The beta 
event is dueto start next August 17, 
2009 (Monday).

You will be able to access the headstart 
before receiving the boxed product as they
 will have downloaded the game client
already for the beta testing.
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One Response to Champions Online Amazon Pre-order

  1. I was just getting curious about this myself. Thanks for posting the response from Amazon. I have friends in the closed beta (lucky!) and they’re wondering when I’m going to get my pre-order code. 🙂

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