WoW Patch 3.2

We’ve had a week or so now to get stuck into the new World of Warcraft Content patch and to be honest, it’s a little underwhelming. The two new instances are really just one instance with different bosses. The only original fight has been the Yeti in the 10/25 man, and even that was easilly mastered by a PuG in under half an hour. (As opposed to a fight like Mimiron, where our 10 man raiding team never got the final phase down)

What’s caught my eye however, is the new Heirloom chest piece. One of my favourite parts of WoW is levelling. Experiencing it from another characters point of view. So I’ve started a warrior, tricked out in Plate Shoudlers, Chestpiece and Arcanite Reaper. I’ll be attempting to level through a mixture of PvP and PvE (while waiting in the queue)

For 1 flag capture I recieve about 1/2 a bar of XP, meaning my team would need to capture 40 flags, which is 13 1/3 complete wins. Which, I admit, is alot. So Warsong Gulch isn’t the most efficient of levelling vehicles. Once I get my warrior to 20 I should be able to participate in Arathi Basin, and hopefully there will be more XP from there.

Another plus side is that all the twinks have switched off XP Gain, so there are no other over-geared characters in my bracket (non-XP gainers don’t play against XP Gainers) which means I’ve gone toe-to-toe with level 19 characters at level 12, and won.

I’ve been videoing a few bits of his mis-adventures so expect a vid up at some point 🙂

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