UK gets Pirate Party

I know it’s not Gaming or Sci-fi, but it’s relevant to my interests 🙂

The UK now has it’s own version of the Sweedish Pirate Party

According to an interview in PC Pro their method will be slightly more sensible than the Swede’s outlandish behaviour

“Competing with the Conservatives while wearing an eye patch isn’t going to do us any favours. We’ve had the name foisted on us by the Swedish party, but it’s difficult. We need to point out that we’re saying very sensible things, while the industry lobby is labelling us as pirates”

With the Up-coming Glasgow North East by-election, the possibility of them standing – if only to make a statement – is quite an exciting one. Especially so close to home (If they ever stand in Glasgow West, they have my vote)

The following quote pretty much sums up how I feel about the state of Copyright law in the UK (and in the rest of the West)

“When things are copied and somebody makes a profit, that profit should go to the artist. When something’s copied and there isn’t a profit… well, that’s a situation our law doesn’t really have any way of dealing with at the moment, which is why people who copy a movie are lumped in with people who steal cars.”

With movies, it’s the same argument we had with video tapes. Why should it be illegal to make a back-up copy of a DVD for  your own use? Infact, it’s Illegal create software that can copy a protected DVD – a DVD that YOU own, that you’ve bought, you are not allowed to make a copy of it. Okay, if someone takes that DVD and makes 100 copies and sells them on, then yes, fine them, punish them, but don’t punish the consumer for it.

Rant over, normal service will be resumed soon 🙂

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  1. Dori Doreau says:

    yay for british pirates! 😀

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