Stealth Deathmatch

About a year or so ago, Winston, my long suffering class-mate, made a small change to the standard HL2 Deathmatch format, making everyone invisible. When you shot, you became slightly more visible. You also get a distance tracker, which gives you the distance to your nearest enemy.

We played it 5-way at a LAN party and had great fun with it. I’d also created a small map called dm_catacombs, based on the idea of Time Team gone wrong. Lots of trenches and scaffolding inside a Church, causing more damage than they preserve, eventually coming across a long lost burial chamber underneath it. Lots of Coffin Lids to fling with the gravity gun, and a big heavy Pullpit. All the flying debris and invisible players made for an excellent Poltergeisty game 😀

But why mention what’s happened a year ago? Well, Winston has decided to keep working on it. Adding upgrades to the existing weapons, including Beam-less SLAM’s, Decloaking Frag Grenades and the “Crowbar of Ghostly Visions” – Check out Stealth Deathmatch on ModDB and keep watching this blog for more maps, which, due to their nature, can instantly be used in Vanilla HL2DM (And vice versa)

I threw together an experimental SLAM Arena which will be more fun when you can have beam-less SLAMs, and dm_Subway, which is a mixture of the Glasgow and Oslo underground system.

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