Champions Offline

There have been alot of problems with the open beta of Champions online, which was released yesterday, the official statement stating that, although they tested their servers for 40,000 players, they had not tested their patcher with that number, and thus, it ground to a halt.

I do hope that Cryptic wise up and use a Direct-download or a P2P method in the future, rather than the web-based, ping based version they’re currently using.

It took me much digging around to find out what the problem was, or atleast, get some more information and see if the problem I was having was the same as what everyone else is having. Eventually I found that if you press X on the patcher, it brings up a list of the files you’re currently trying to download, and their status. What was happening was that certain files were sticking at about 90-99% on WAIT_DATA status, then timing out and starting again from scratch, which puts even more load on the servers because people aren’t finishing their downloads, and thus the server is constantly being hammered and it never relents.

As of this morning however, my launcher breached this impasse and – I hope – is currently downloading the rest of the patch. As a precaution, I’m also downloading the fileplanet full patch, which hope not to have to use. I’ll be nipping home at lunchtime to see how it’s going.

On the plus side I did get to play quite a bit of Crayon Physics while I was waiting. That and MS Hearts…

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  1. pitrelli says:

    yeah it didnt paint cryptic in a good light, I did however manage to log on for a short time before I headed to bed. They have been very busy as the open beta is alot smoother than the end of the closed… its looking good (once you get in 😉 )

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