Champions Online – First Look

It’s finally finished downloading the patch! Hurrah! After a quick looksie at lunchtime I found out two things:

1 – The character creator is as in-depth as they said it would be, and is utterly awesome

2 – For some bizzare reason the word “Cardinal” is restricted as a character name

Now, I’m all for family friendly filters but that’s a bit excesive. I’m all for preventing people from naming themselves F***S***er C***Monger, but when a word can be multiple things (Especially in the case of Cardinal Numbers, who’s name is itself a pun on two of those – Family Friendly- meanings) it’s just silliness

I was always wary that I might not get Enola Gay in (for obvious reasons that it contains the word ‘Gay’ – which has sadly long since departed from it’s old meaning)

The whole thing’s left me rather deflated. I came up with a good fun pun for a name and it’s been blocked.

The whole hype leading up to the game for me was creating the character you want… but if I can’t name it what I want what was the point of me dreaming up that character.

I’m a creative person (don’t sneer) and I’m sure I’ll come up with something else.

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One Response to Champions Online – First Look

  1. razsk says:

    I am glad to hear Gay is not on the profanity list. It’s time it is accepted as neutral word and concept. It sends the right message to the players.

    On the topic the filter did not allow me to name a character Onslaught?

    Personally I have no problem with a game name like Enola Gay, but besides the sexual reference your hero name is a pun based on a historic event that claimed the live of 135.000 mostly civilian people.

    Names regardless I hope to meet your heroes in game.

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