Superheroes of Space

Quite a while back I found the Intercontinental Music Lab and their debut album, Superheroes of Science. Which was, frankly, mostly shite – but it had a few gems in it that kept me listening and waiting for their next album, Superheroes of the Sea, with something akin to an odd ‘hmm… i wonder if it’s released yet’ popping up every few months. Superheroes of the sea was better, but quite a bit of it still didn’t appeal to me. Mainly because of the myriad of styles melded into the track listing (From Rock to Dance to some Undefined Genre in some cases)

Both albums are a Technological and Historical Geekfest, of which I know of no paralell. There’s the odd bit of Cheese in there, but it’s competent and sometimes fun. My favourite being “My Beautiful Problem Child” which takes us down an Albert Hoffman Acid Trip, from Science.

I’m now listening to Superheroes of Space – and I’ve yet to find a track I detest – which is a good sign – and a few that I’ve really enjoyed. Klaatu Barada Nikto being a poigniant smooth song which if I didn’t know better I’d have attributed to Coldplay.

I recommend you check out Superheroes of Space, if just for the geek value. But it is by far their best album yet.

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