Bad Omen

So, last night I posted that video of Laika owning in PvP with Thunderbolt Lunge… well, this morning aparently the power’s gone. Totally. Along with Shuriken Throw and Lightning Reflexes.

I understand that Thunderbolt Lunge was broken, totally, but removing it? Without so much as a dev post? Bizzare at best, a Bad Omen of things to come at worse.

Are they embarrased? Is that why they’re not saying anything? I doubt it. TL was broken, just say it was and you’re “re-evaluating” it – it’s all we need. Just a little thing to let us know we’re in the loop and not just flagging. And maybe some prior warning about it.

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  1. pitrelli says:

    Hmm I havent really delved into the pvp side, partly because Im not expecting it to hold up to the rest of the game.

    On another point Irn Bru rules, as a Scotsman its the drink of choice 🙂

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