So… Tauren Paladins. Hmm. Well, we have Eredar Paladins, why not Holy Cows?

Honestly this expansion news is a mixed blessing, while some of it reads like a poorly thought out fanfic, some of it is very intreguing. I’ve been complaining about the lack of change in the old world for a long time – that bridge in Redridge is still not fixed. The drastic measures Blizzard are taking with our old stomping grounds is unprecidented, with the world being shattered, giant scars of molten rock, flooding, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!

Goblins losing their neutrality is something I’m not quite sure about. Is it ALL the goblins, or just a band of them? Are the Steemwheedle cartel still around or is Booty Bay now a Horde outpost? (And if they’ve destroyed it i’m going to be very annoyed, it’s one of the best locations in the whole game)

However, here is something I’m very worried about.

They are removing the following Stats from items:

MP5 (Replaced with Spirit + Talents)
Spell Power (Replaced with Intellect)
Attack Power (Replaced with Agi or Str)
Defense (Replaced with Uncrittable Talents)
Armor Penetration (Replaced with something called Mastery)
Block Value

With these gone, they’ve then added the ability to modify stats on items through Tailoring/Blacksmith/JC etc – I’m worried that this is another way of making the game simpler, and easier. New Tanks won’t feel daunted by juggling around the def cap, and PuGs won’t have to worry that their tank is uncrittable, I can understand that, but it does mean that there is little or no difference between any tanks, all will be relying on pure Stamina/Armour value/Strength. With the only variety coming from Paladins/Unholy DK’s for AoE tanking.

The casters will be fighting over stuff even more. I’m willing to bet that they’ll homoginise tier gear. No longer will you have Feral/Resto/Balance druid gear, you’ll have Leather DPS/Healing/Ranged DPS gear, with the Leather DPS shared with rogues, Healing and Caster gear shared with the cloth wearers. They may even use a variation on the BoA gear that scales armour level with your current gear ability.

It’s one of these situations where I feel like I’m not just sitting on the fence, but balanced ontop of it, and the fence is razor wire. Eventually I’ll slip and slice my nuts, and that won’t be fun.

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  1. pitrelli says:

    Its an interesting change of direction and almost a risk for blizzard and its favourite cash cow and if Im honest Im looking forward to it. Mainly for the chance to roll a Worgen but also I like the idea of changing the ‘old world’. A hell of a lot of really good content is lost these days so Im all for the changes proposed.

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