Beta back up

So the champions online beta came back up again at 11:30 pm BST last night 😀 was quite laggy, I think they just stuck up a shard for one last test, but I got to save costumes from those chars I didn’t get round to doing, and I got wailed on by random people from #championsonline (the irc channel) – props to Neuk, who slaughtered my level 9 archer (well, he was level 39 himself)screenshot_2009-08-27-23-31-22screenshot_2009-08-27-23-35-35

Tomorrow night Early-start begins, and I can get levelling my solo character, with my tank starting when Winston shows his ugly mush and heals me 😛

as you can see from the shots, the powerhouse was packed, and MC was pretty derelict. One instance of each zome was up at the time of writing, with two Powerhouses. Just shows how many people have been trying to log on all morning/night (depending on time zone) and how popular this game will surely be 🙂

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