Disney buy Marvel

dwdsmAccording to the Associated Press Disney are buying out Marvel – one can only imagine the possible crossovers. Now obviously, I’m not saying they are going to do a Darkwing Duck and Spiderman crossover. That would just be silly (but frankly, I’d still pay to see it).

The merger itself hasn’t  gone through completely, it’s waiting on the results of an anti-trust hearing. Marvel and DC are the two biggest Comic publishers in the world, and I know Disney do – or have – published comics in the past, meaning that Disney/Marvel would be facing off against DC, along with a plethora of smaller companies. Would that be too much power? Could it really harm comics in general if Disney began backing a big player? Is it really that different to the situation already?

I’m not much up on the actual comics side, but there’s the whole film aspect of it that I’m interested in. We’ve got DC making truckloads with the new Batman films and ofcourse, Watchmen, and Marvel are chugging along nicely churning out Spiderman, Iron-man, Hulk etc, and Disney with their Pixar studio making animated classics year on year. Which brings us onto another idea. Pixar doing super hero movies.

We’ve seen it done with the Incredibles, why not a new Pixar-animated X-men, or do the Fantastic 4 justice.

I wonder what will happen now to Universal, who have a Marvel-themed amusement park rivaling Disneyworld. As it contains one of my favourite Roller Coasters – the Incredible Hulk coaster – it’s certainly going to confuse things a bit.

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