Rate My Champion

It looks like Cryptic’s been fiddling with their site, Characters have been updated in people’s profiles and Rate my Champion is working properly, along with the Cryptic store.

I’ve been a busy beaver in the Costume Creator, so here’s a bunch of my Hero’s Rate My Champion pages.

Lasair is my highest level character. An Archery/Gadgeteering build, with a smattering of martial arts and force. Built for Ranged AoE and Support (Bionic shield and Drones)

Mitch Hellbringer is my ‘main’ – I say that because he’s only level 10, and I’ll be levelling him along with Winston’s Hero Axiom (My Tank to his Support/DPS) with Single Blade only at the moment, but I’ll be taking an AoE power at some point to keep aggro

Sir Louis Mandrake is Munitions, using the flintlocke and blunderbuss power replacers. The Quintisential Adventurer.

Teabag is my ‘homage’ to Halo. He will remain level one, and if I ever log him on again all he’ll do is shoot Qularr eggs


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