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Mitch Hates Caravans

Mitch Hates Caravans

Axiom - my ever-present backup (Except when doing Sinisister :P)

Axiom - my ever-present backup (Except when doing Sinisister :P)

Yesterday, the whole of Champions Online (I say ‘whole’ – quite a bit of) was nothing but a morass of complaints about nerfs. I’ve already outlined my thoughts on the nerfs but only from the experiences of an Archery DPS and a Munitions DPS.

From what I’ve been hearing on the forums and on IRC is that people are having a hard time soloing instances, the Sinisister quest in particular seems to cause some issues. Complaints that their heals don’t heal enough, or their defence powers are nerfed they get one shotted.

So step in Mitch Hellbringer, he’s level 12, he’s got 6 Powers, he’s a Strength-based melee machine, hacking and slashing his way through mobs in the only way this Ginger Powerhouse knows. He has 2 single-blade powers (The 2 Reaper’s powers), Thunderbolt Lunge for closing distance, Personal Force Field, Force Shield (Block replacement) and Super Jump. He has NO heals. Not even passives, or reactives. He soloed the Haunted Gold Mine.

For the trash, it was a simple method of lather-rinse-repeat. Thunderbolt lunge in, or in the case of pulling to ranged, chuck a barrel or a table at them. Once one is in melee, blow all my energy on Reaper’s Caress (Which SHOULD have a cone effect, but it doesn’t, so I’m doing this 1 mob at a time). Once that mob is down, my Force field is weakening, so block until energy is max, nuke down the next mob in the same way as the first, then do it again for the final mob. In order of Henchmen -> Villians -> Super Villians.

When it came to Talisman – the Sinisister herself – it worked exactly the same as before, only easier. Her sucking vortex, while blocking, replenishes my energy to max, and I can send out a more sustained burst of DPS against her.

For the whole instance I was using my Tanking build (Protector Role, High Constitution, High Strength) and I was at 1900 HP.

I then went and grouped up for Phrosoe with 5 other people. I said to them that I was specced as a tank, and asked if any of them had any heals, if so to use them on me. This is the interesting part – Not one of those four people had a heal. They were ALL Glass cannons. We nuked him down in about 5 seconds (I barely needed to tank)

I think I figured out the problem. People read comics, they see Superman, or Batman, or whatever, fight a super villian and win. Or atleast, that’s what they remember. They seem to think that they shouldn’t be defeated because they’re a super hero, so they don’t need to stack HP, they just have to stack their 2 main damage stats, and one-shot everything (like we were in Beta).

Even Superman was defeated at times, had to retreat and rethink his strategy.

In this case, people need to go away and rethink their gear. Stop ignoring your low HP. Learn to block more. Use a bit of strategy. Don’t just faceroll. You’ll find you’ll enjoy the game more for it.

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