Views of the Game

There are a few day-1 posts out there in the blogosphere, all of which are overarchingly positive.

Syp on Biobreak shows us some of his heroes

Ardwulf also shows us his stuff

And Nefchast gives his views on the game, and the day-1 nerf.

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2 Responses to Views of the Game

  1. Rich Redman says:

    I also post about Champions Online ( ). If you decide it’s worth it, please include me in future lists. Whatever you decide, thanks for compiling this!

  2. pitrelli says:

    Nice to see people are enjoying it 🙂
    Has there been any stream lining of the grouping or chat interface yet?
    Im not going to jump in just yet but am eager to keep in touch with all the changes that are going on. Unfortunately the group of real life mates I normally play with have withdrawn their interest in it as a title but I think I’ll still be subbing as a secondary MMO

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