Spotify on invite only

Spotify has gone back to invite-only in the UK – I love using spotify, even if some of the adverts are annoying. It’s a great way to listen to music that you don’t necesarrily want to buy.

If anyone in the UK (or Mainland Europe) wants in, they can be invited by a friend or they can shell out the 9 Euros/m for a premium subscription, or go on a waiting list.

It’s a crying shame to be honest, it’s an excellent service, but what worries me is that they’re not making enough money to buy new servers instead they revert back to their old model. I’d like to see the spotify model be the future of the music industry, it’s like the Radio they’ve been using for decades, but with the added plus of the “listen to what you want” mechanic of the digital age, and the added bonus of being able to buy anything they hear with a couple of mouse clicks.

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