The Secret World

Yum yum. Another new MMO on the horizon. “But what makes this one different?” I hear you cry!

Firstly, it’s made by the same guys who made Age of Conan (that is, Funcom, of whom I had the pleasure of visiting a few months back. Their canteen smelled of bagels and they’ve got an excellent roof-top chillout area. It was also end-of-week on a bank holiday, so no-one was there and those that didn’t have it off were tucking into pies and beers :D) – and AoC isn’t the worst MMO I’ve played (it’s visceral and adult, very mature, but just not what I’m looking for in an MMO) so they have the potential to make this something special. When I was there they had an entire floor dedicated to the game, but we weren’t allowed in to see it 🙂

Second thing that’ll make it stand out is the levelling/skills set

Tornquist’s game won’t have classes or levelling, opting instead for a skills-based system that promises flexibility without the grind – the designer has previously stated that simply adding new skills to an existing avatar offers players so many options they’ll never have to roll a second character if they don’t want to.

This is similar to EVE’s system, however, I hope they don’t impliment it in an identical manner (firstly, that’ll just be immitation with no imagination, secondly, I don’t much like EVE’s skill system), playing more should increase your skill points (by whatever mechanic they decide)

Secondly is the total segregation of PvE and PvP into thematically different worlds, with PvP affecting PvE, with your faction gaining influence on the surface through victories below ground.

It all sounds very interesting, I’ll be adding it to my MMO Watchlist for next year, alongside Jumpgate Evolution (which WAS on this years list, but failed to materialise), All Points Bulletin and Star Wars: The Republic Online

I’ll be hoping for something from Stargate Worlds (their funding ran dry, and while they’ve found some more, only time will tell if they keep it up) – It would be a tragedy if this didn’t see the light of day, even if only for a short while.

I never planned to try Aion, but this review has atleast made me want to try it. Just to see if it really doesn’t live up to  the hype 🙂

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  1. pitrelli says:

    Skill based MMOs like EvE and darkfall always have me interested but something tells me id miss that dinging noise and flash of light. Still it is interesting to see them go this route.

    As for Ardwulfs Aion review I had more than a little chuckle at it, mainly because Ardwulf is a really good writer and usually analyses things….. what that says about Aion I’ll leave for others to decide, I’ve got a bit of a meh view on it without even playing it so I’ll probably give it a miss. That and with WoW and potentially champions next month sometime my gaming is going to be limited

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