A Frustrating Mistress

I’ve been having bucket loads of fun with Champions Online, the lower level quests have been pretty much sorted out  thanks to the latest patches. Everything spawns properly in the Jailbreak PQ for one.

On Lasair however, I’ve been playing the Nemesis missions. I’ve liberated Viper bases, warehouses, museums and much more from the clutches of my Nemesis, all one-on-one, toe to toe. I’ve taken down a horde rush of minions, I’ve defeated my nemesis on no less than 4 occasions single handedly. I’ve been having alot of fun with it.

Until now that is.

I’ve come up against some large Assassin bots. Their main abilities are

Personal Force Field – which means you need major nuking to take one down.

Containment Field – they hold you in place then nuke you.

Rock Throw – An attack they seem keen to use all the time, also causes knockback

Force Bolt – Same as the hero power, causes major knockback.

So it seems taking one on would be a challenge. Well, I couldn’t really comment on that, as the first time you go up against them there are TWO of them. Two giant robots who, when in melee range, make it impossible to see any charging icons above their head, and when on the other side of a giant hologram of the world, are almost impossible to see if they’re charging a power.

I even made a video

Combine that with the utter stupidity of my drones and you have a recipe for disaster

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2 Responses to A Frustrating Mistress

  1. shadowwar says:

    Where do you get future Nemisis missions? After my initial mission post-creation, I havent’ recieved any more. I merely get jumped by his minions from time to time. Do I just go back to the police station. I remember being all jazzed after making him, and being a tad let-down lately that all I got in return was the equivalent of a t-shirt.

  2. canazza says:

    When you get ambushed by your Nemesis minions, they sometimes drop clues (Check your inventory for a letter-like icon) that’ll lead you to more nemesis missions (most of them are your nemesis minions doing nefarious things, you don’t confront your nemesis each time)

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