Browser-based 3D

After hearing the news that WebKit (the engine behind the Google Chrome and Safari browsers) has put rudimentary support for WebGL, it gave me the itch to work on some Web-based 3D stuff again.

I’ve used O3D in the past, so I thought I’d go back to it. It’s terribly overwhelming and I barely scratched the surface the first time (and essentially I’m starting again so go figure) – It’s not the usual way of programming in 3D. Last time I did any serious 3D stuff it was in OpenGL, so WebGL should be easier to start doing, plus there’s a load of materials on OpenGL already in existence that will help with WebGL.

The examples require the O3D plugin to run

The first is a random terrain generator (and by random, I mean, Math.random() is used to generate the heights – hey, I never said any of this was complicated) – I’ve yet to put textures in, or lighting, so it’s a bit flat. Really this is just an exercise in getting something on the screen, and manipulating vertices and triangles.

The next is slightly more involved, and has a Javascript parsing system for converting equations. It’s a 2D Graphing Calculator, done in 3D – almost pointless, but again, an excercise in getting stuff on the screen 🙂

I’ll probably work on this on-and-off between CO and work. At the moment I can really only play Champions for a couple of hours at a time (honestly, it’s fun and engaging, but at the moment the higher levels are quite quiet, so I’ll be deliberatly levelling slower to let others catch up. As well asplaying some alts too :))

I’m planning on re-making my 1st year OpenGL coursework first, which was a model of the inner planets, complete with atmospheres on the planets (Done in C/C++ and OGL).

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