Fallen Earth: Second Impressions

daveCanazzaAirGuitarSo I played through the tutorial before my first post on Fallen Earth – the new Post-Apocalyptic MMO. Let me tell you, the tutorial does not do this game justice at all. While it serves as a whistle-stop tour of combat and factions it really doesn’t go into the depth it should. It practically ignores the faction conflicts, and totally ignores crafting, which is one of the deciding factors for me.

I’ve been aching for an MMO with the depth of Crafting that EVE presents, while having a slightly easier learning curve. (Rocket Science is easy, EVE is hard) Fallen Earth, so far, has presented that. Every item I’ve found can be crafted or harvested, even quest rewards. Weapons, Clothing, Healing Items, self buffs, ammunition, you name it, it can be crafted. Not only that, but every crafting item and harvesting item is sold by an NPC Vendor, though obviously, it’s cheaper in the long run to gather your own, if you’re 1 item short to make that item you wanted, you don’t have to go hunting for it, or go on the Auction house, you can just find a vendor. This also has a double effect of limiting all Auction house transactions to a certain maximum, hopefully helping stabilise the economy from the start.

However, Just a few tips I’d like to give to any new person starting the game. image009

The Screenshot on the right shows your Skills/Stats page. There’s a drop down on the top right that has a bunch of different ‘classes’. They’ll tell you where you ought to be stats wise for each role you want to play. It shows little chevrons at the ideal place on the Stats and the Skills tab. For my chosen class – the Crafter – I’ve gone slightly over on Armour Use and a few points over on Melee, my stats tab shows my stats to be slightly lower than desired. This is because I didn’t find that little drop down right away, but it hasn’t hampered my game too much, you can level up entirely through crafting if you really want (but you’ll need to craft a bucket load of stuff), about half the quests I’ve found have been “Craft or find me these things”, and the other half have been “Kill these dudes” style quests.

The sheer depth of the crafting system is likely to keep me entertained on it’s own, the combat takes a bit of getting used to, especially the melee, aiming at certain parts of the body scores you more damage than other parts (like the head). Taking a melee swing chooses a random spot in your reticule to apply the damage, if it scores a hit on the head it does loads of damage. Torso, less so. Holding down the mouse button causes the reticule to spack out a lot, making it slightly harder to hit if you’re aiming for the head. What I normally do is open with a headshot, then go for torso blows.

The Humour has continued unabated. The plethora of dance moves, the tongue in cheek item names and descriptions, the fact you can run around dual wielding corkscrews and NPC Chatter “Hey, a Clone, erm, I mean, Hey! Buy something!” all add to the comedic effect needed in any post-apocalyptic scenario to prevent it from devolving into a depressingly heavy dullness.

Sunsets are also Nice

Sunsets are also Nice

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  1. pitrelli says:

    hmm i’d looked at syps writeup and added to yours this looks like it could be hidden gem. Once im 80 as alliance in WoW and have picked up my heirloom items I’ll be looking for an MMO to keep me busy until cataclysm releases. Hmmm Champions Online or Fallen Earth…..its a toughie.

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