A secret stress test?

The last patch for Champions Online introduced a slight… anomaly.

It ‘forgot’ how to count the number of people in a given instance. Each instance showed negative numbers for people on each shard and as far as I could tell each was packed with hundreds of people, slowing down each shard, stressing it to the point of breaking.

Now, how on Earth could this have happened by accident? Seriously? Either it was a fool who was coding or it was deliberate.

Before you say it, I wasn’t really affected by any of these problems, lag, graphics slow down, anything like that. The game ran fine for me. The only real problem was kill-stealing for me, but I can handle that. The problem is not only that it got through testing, but that it’s been happening now for two days.

If it was deliberate, but covert, then Cryptic have little trust in their fanbase.

If it was an accident then I hope someone got reprimanded for it.

You can bet they were monitoring each shard closley, deliberate or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if they increased the caps on servers soon.

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