Car Crashes and Broken Lags

car-crashMaybe it’s a co-incidence, but as both MMO’s I’ve been playing recently have decided to frustrate me at exactly the same time, I can only conclude they hate me.

Upon reached the dizzying heights of leve l 36 in Champions Online, and having cleared out Monster Island of most do-able quests, I decide to go off to Lemuria, where I find quests of lower level than me. Excellent! I cheer. Easy XP!

Over the weekend I managed to level from 36 to near the end of 38, but not without a fight. A fight against Lag.

I had heard complaints from fellow SG members earlier in the game as to how laggy Lemuria was, but, having taken longer to get there, I figured that they’d have fixed it by now. Not so. Often I found myself lagging out, my netgraph turning into a sea of green. Other times the game would freeze for a few seconds and pop back in. And it’s only in Lemuria. Millenium City is fine, Monster Island is fine, Canada, the Desert, and any of the lairs (Even ones IN Lemuria) are fine. It’s only Lemuria, and other people experience it at the same time. Zone chat can get flooded with ‘OMG lag!’ almost constantly.

Lemuria in itself is not an easy place to play in the first place. Your perception of depth is skewed as while swimming there are few, if any, landmarks to gauge against. It’s hard to look directly up and see if anything is above you that you might have to target, especially on escort missions where most things end up coming from above and you find your escortee being pummeled before you can get a shot off.

The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that at 40, I can leave Lemuria – and questing – behind, and honestly, that shouldn’t be anyones motivation to hit max level.

The other MMO that has conspired to annoy me is Fallen Earth. Not in any substantial way mind. The lag I can handle (As it’s normally minor, confined to towns and continually playable throughout), it’s the random crashing to desktop.

It’s not even as if it’s happening in the same place. It’ll happen in towns. It’ll happen in the middle of nowhere. It’ll happen in an enemy encampment.

Every time I settle in to playing it, after about 20 minutes or so, there’s a random crash, and the little Error reporting box appears. Only it’s not clickable, the app doesn’t close and I have to open the task manager to close it.

After which I then have to sit through the tedious pre-loading launcher that seems determined to collect and collate data every time I want to play the game, leaving me flagging and floundering, until It’s gotten to the point now that when it crashes I just can’t be bothered restarting the game.

Both games suffer from some serious technical problems. Champions Online has a zone set in an underwater kingdom that’s seemingly sunk into a sea of molasses and Fallen Earth feels like it’s hobbling around on crutches with both it’s legs in comically oversized plaster of paris, and that one small breeze or the laughter of a small child would make it panic fall over.

Both games are good. Both are entertaining (albeit in different ways). Both games are vying for my attention and at the moment, Champions is winning despite the lag (As there is an end in sight), but unless the end game is any good, I may find myself shelving both.

Update: To compound things, Syp over on Biobreak has posted why you shouldn’t play Fallen Earth, citing quite a few things other than it’s instability.

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  1. pitrelli says:

    ‘pre-loading launcher that seems determined to collect and collate data every time I want to play the game’

    I remember this when I played conan, it was a tedious process however there was a a way around it, with the game still being in its relative infancy however it may be needed due to them sneaking in the odd fix or two?

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