Death Rays and Firey Cthulus

Wee Ned (Nemesis)

Mad Boab (Nemesis)

Last night was quite eventful in Champions Online, I finally got Lasair to level 40 after forgoeing the lag of Lemuria for the final three Nemesis missions.

Hell, that last mission was alot of fun. Volcano bases, Death rays, Firey Cthulus, Multiple phase bosses, NPC Allies and a massive minion moshpit at the end.

Mad Boab has been brought to Justice… or has he?

The final scene of the Nemesis mission sets the stage for an Sinister Six style plotline later, one you have enough Nemesis’.

So first things first, I go off and make my second Nemesis, the Unspeakable Horror that is H’lehruut, an evil reptillian beast with massive eyebrows that once tried to seize power by taking the form of major politicians, has freed itself from it’s shackles and is now on the loose again!

One minor problem I’ve found is that I’ve completed an entire Nemesis arch and I’ve only got enough points (350) to purchase one Secondary Item (250 points) which means that I’d have to complete 4 Nemesis arcs to get 1 Primary Piece, 12 to get 3 Primary pieces and 18 in total to get all the items I’d require – for One Spec. Considering the random frequency that Nemesis minions appear, it’s not possible to just grind the Nemesis quests for gear, atleast, not if you want to keep your sanity.

I’ve yet to try any of the Unity Missions, but my fellow SGers at 40 have said that you get a decent amount of solo quests per day, and if you complete them you get access to a 5-man lair, which doesn’t seem so bad. Again, it’s a limited amount of play for casuals, but those that can group get an extra bonus, which sounds decent enough. It’s whether or not the content is diverse and fun enough to stand up to repeat play that’ll determine whether or not it’ll be any good. If the final nemesis battle is anything to go by there may be some hope.

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