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costumes-samurai-mainCryptic have added a plethora of new items to their Microtransactions store ranging from Costume parts to name changes to full respecs.

Name Changes cost 280 Cryptic Points (1000 costs £7.50, or 12.50USD, so a name change costs £2.10 or 3.50USD) which means it’s alot less than World of Warcrafts name changing fees (but when you can re-roll a char and level it to max within two weeks, what are you willing to pay for it?)

4 Additional Character slots will cost you 1200 points, (£11.50 or 15USD) which is the most you’ll pay for a single item on the store. For those people who really really really want new characters. Back on City of Heroes it was well known that lots of people had 10+ characters on the go (some up to 20) so Cryptic know there is a market out there for it.

The 2 Additional Costume Slots (400 Points, £3 or 5USD) is something I may end up spending the free points I got with my pre-order on. They’re added to every character, so for your full 8 chars you get a total of 16 slots ( 19p per slot :D) which is excellent value for money.

Various halloween costumes are availible for 240 points each (or 640 for the whole set of 3, saving you a whole 80 points) as well as two other costume types (Cyborg and Epic Ninja Samurai) for the same price. For 80 points you can get new sets of emblems (Animals, Sci-fi and Weapons) that can go on your chest, head, brooch etc.

All of these are pretty much what people expected, at more or less the kind of prices logic would dictate. What caught me off guard was the paid retcons.

1000 Points for a full retcon (funnilly enough, 1000 is one of the brackets you can buy points from)

This puts Cryptic in a very odd position.

They’ve just increased the money flow to allow people to fully retcon their character should they wish to grind out the cash. Now they’ve added in pay-for retcons.

On one hand, it reduces the market for Gold farmers, essentially setting a real-world value on the cost of a full respec which for the moment is the only thing you realistically should be spending resources on.

On the other hand, Cryptic now have an avenue to potentially abuse the playerbase for their own financial gain.

It’ll certainly mean we’ll be seeing less of free post-nerf retcons. Minor changes to a powerset will likely no longer afford everyone a full retcon, and may only affect those who took the affected power (having it removed and allowing you to repick another power, or given a full retcon depending on the severity)

What it boils down to is that Cryptic now have an excuse to minimally shuffle powers, impliment small changes to powersets, buffing one, nerfing another, creeping around until they find one powerset is underpowered and another is overpowered and rake in some extra cash while people clamour for Retcons.

I’m not saying they will mind, Cryptic have generally been kind to their fanbase, but the sweet temptation is there for them to abuse their position to make a bit more money. I still believe that something as important to a character as their power sets should not be determined by how deep the players pockets are.

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