Sing a song of Doomsaying

keep-calm-and-carry-on-or-003Eric from Eldergamer gives us an Industry Insider’s view which paints an interesting story of what may be happening behind the scenes of Champions Online. I stress may – as plausible as it sounds it may be total nonsense, but the signs are certainly there. Also, the same thing that he’s talking about happened to me

It goes along nicely with my last post on the possible direction and purpose the Cryptic Store is playing and the trouble that an unscrupulous dev team may play with it and the danger they could land themselves in.

I’m not stopping playing it, I still enjoy it immensly. However… with Icecrown Citadel coming up in WoW, and with Aion marching the path well travelled, Champions may have a tough month coming up.

After Blood Moon, Cryptic need to come up with more End-game content. Not just more, but interesting content. The current Unity dailies are monotonous, more so than Warcraft’s Dailies (of which I could only stomach doing about 4  or 5 a day) and the end-game lairs can be snoozed through with a well-balanced group. If the next Content release from Cryptic is merely the Christmas Event, then I may just call it quits.

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