Whoop whoop! Here comes the fashion police!

tier10_priest_male_hdI must aplaud Blizzards art team. They have done a stellar job with World of Warcraft. Seriously, despite my previous complaints about how crap some of the tier gear looks (Druids and Rogue tier 10 in particular) my general disposition is favourable. The previews of the Priest Tier 10 have come out and boy, do they look awesome. Mostly.

The Blue/white one (left) is particularly well done. It fits the character style well, the colours don’t clash, they blend well and fit the ideal of a priest well. It’s probably the nicest tier gear I’ve seen in a while.

Unfortunatly, the re-colours aren’t as good. The first recolour is excellent, a rich royal purple with highlights of gold and deep burgandy, but flipped around in the second recolour, the horrible mash puts me in mind of some kind of radioactive purple draped over a high-visibility jacket. While the final recolour looks more at home on a Warlock, with it’s bright fel-green trim bringing similar complaints about the druid gear being ‘deathified’ or ‘fel-ified’, just generally ‘evilified’. Yes, we have dark, nasty shadow preists, but they’re hardly channelers of fel energy. I think the first recolour is more akin to a shadow priests tastes than any of the others.

tier10paladinNow, can someone, anyone, please help this distressed looking Paladin? While the holy fire bursts from his sturdy, trustworthy plate armour, it appears that he’s broken his neck, and has been bandaged up by someone who’s into practical jokes… a Pink Neckbrace? What’s next, a giant cardboard cone to prevent him gnawing on his mange?

Besides this flaw, I love the colouring on it. Drops of Saphires embedded in the armour, the chunkiness of the shoulderpads, the fire bursting forth from it. Even the recolours are nice (yes, even the green one) as none of them have that awful glowing neon scum that adornes some of the other tier gear. It does seem slightly top-heavy, maybe if  the lower armour was chunkier it would balance out a bit, as at the moment it looks like he could tip over. His center of gravity being somewhere near his neckbrace.

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