Live Long and Pew Pew

Okay, I’m back from Nano-induced hiatus, I’m still writing down what I got out of it so expect that at some point soon, but first I’d like to talk about the up-coming Star Trek Online.

As we roll towards the release date (in February no less) Cryptic are, naturally, releasing more and more about the game. The question on my mind is how much of Star Trek will be thrown away, and what will be preserved.

Now, I’ve said it before I’m not really a Trekkie, although I have watched enough to know the setting and the politics reasonably well. I know fine well that it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the Klingons would go on the warpath again, that Star Fleet would militarise themselves more and that there would be a big kickoff.

But this is all they’re releasing information on. Fighting. Combat videos, Fleet actions, even the box art is all Pew Pew. Are they really toning down the exploration angle and just focusing on the Gung-ho fisticuffs of Kirk and Riker, or are they just not telling us.

Cryptics mission is to pull Joe Public into the game from the start, right, so what better way to do it than to show off all the big explosions and pretty pictures, just like a Movie Trailer it shows all the action rather than the slow, meandering reality of it. Even The Motion Picture, one of the most sedentiary Star Trek movies made, still focused on the action in the Trailer more than anything else.

People are worried about what STO will be, that it will just be another MMO – or indeed, just Champions Online – hammered into the ST setting.

Because of this, I, myself, will not go on the titbits alone. Once the NDA lifts I’m willing to bet there will be alot of bloggers out there telling their stories, and Open Beta will allow alot of fresh minds to give their opinions.

Remember, one of the biggest things about war-time is expansion. Science and Exploration are key parts of war. Finding allies, finding resources, finding technologies. Exploration and Science come into warfare just as much as pew-pew and boom-boom. The final side of Trek, Diplomacy, will be harder to fit in, as we’re pretty much asuming we WONT be able to persuade the Klingons to stop their attacks. Perhaps smaller things, like preventing uprisings, patrolling, escort missions will be in there.

We’ll know for sure when the NDA lifts and people start playing the game as to what percentage each of the three will comprise

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