Done and Dungeon

One week it has been. One week since the release of WoW Patch 3.3. One week… and I’m decked out in iLevel 232+ gear already (Only a cape and a ring to go). I’ve just gotten the Looking for Many achievement. I’ve had three groups go sour (One was Oculus, one was Forge of Souls and one was, of all things, Utegarde Pinnacle)

If there’s one thing that’s struck me it’s that Blizzard have not lost their sense of spectacle. The three new 5-man instances are excellent in terms of story and action, the final gauntlet is fantastic too. The only problem is that it’s too damn easy. Seriously. I’d never been in there before, one run through, straight there, no wipes, barely even a death. After the second run through with my Guild we started double and even triple pulling some mobs (even at the end of Pit of Saron, where groups of 5 gather together, we just bundled in and AoEd them all to oblivion)

3.3 gives me atleast the chance to gear up some of my rather under-geared alts (like my DK who’s still sitting in Rep gear, but is called on to tank Ulduar, or my Hunter who has run Naxx once), but the random dungeons (for all it’s quickness) isn’t fun. There’s little or no banter between people, no sense of camraderie, just a “Hello” at the start and “thx” at the end. Maybe a ‘you suck’ or a ragequit when things don’t go well.

On the plus side, I did manage a 15 minute Gundrak run, which was spectacularly good.

I haven’t run the raid yet, we’re only a small guild and we ran a 10 man last week (I was passed over :(, but I should be first pick this week :)) – from what I’ve heard it’ll be intense. Here’s hoping it’s fun as well.

In the mean time, I shall return to testing that game that cannot be mentioned for legal reasons. Damnit, there is SO much I want to blog about with regards to that, but I can’t now that I’m in it. The NDA’s so arcane I’m even wary of doing speculative articles on it. If you’re in it (If you’ve not guessed what it is by now, you probably don’t care), look out for Canazza and the Fibonacci.

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