Christmas in MMOLand

So this is Christmas, and what have you done? Well, I normally have a nice meal with my family gathered round the table with the TV on in the background. Traditional Christmas’ aren’t what they used to be eh? Atleast family are still a big part of the festive season.

But what of your other family, you know, the people that you’ve met through the myriad of MMO’s you play all the time? If that doesn’t ring any bells you can safely stop reading and go be a normal, balanced person.

In almost every MMO there’s a special Christmas-and-new-year-style Event. For WoW It’s the Feast of Winters Veil, Fallen Earth has First Night, Champions has Attack of the Misfit Toys.

These are the gifts to you from the development team, a little bit of fun for those who play even on Christmas Day.

It’s all well and good taking what you’re given, but I have people I know well in WoW, really well, so what can I do for them in the spirit of christmas?

I wanted to do something special for my guild mates, I wanted to send presents to everyone, the only problem was, counting alts, it was upwards of 90 people. luckily, our guild master had the foresight to still use the officer notes to record Alts, specs and professions. That whittled down my Christmas list to 40 people, and so everyone got a Christmas message, a Deviate Delight and a Kungaloosh! Eat Drink and Be Merry!

So this is Christmas, and what have you done?

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