Worst Dungeon Day Ever.

I have, since the first week of Ulduar, been using [Living Flame] as my Trinket of choice. Purely because of the massive +hit. I’ve been using +hit trinkets since time began as they’re always the easiest way to reach the hit cap, but recently – thanks to tier gear and the likes, I’ve been creeping upwards in terms of +hit recently and I was finally in a position last night to be rid of it.

All it needed was 20 more Emblems.

That is 4 instances tops if doing it from the Random Dungeon Finder.

Culling of Stratholme was the first. We had two people drop out without word (I can kind of get why, the start is quite slow, but still, it’s 15 minutes wait compared to a 20 minute dungeon run). After that was a really good nexus run, quick, efficient, excellent tank. So much so that we queued for another random dungeon. It became what can only be described as the worst Old Kingdom run I’ve ever seen. The tank and one DPS were convinced they could do the first boss achievement – killing the boss without killing any of the adds that make him immune. We had a good tank (really good), good DPS and a decent healer (myself), but were short one person (the second tank). Thank the RNG we got a Death Knight (surprise) and we explained what to do. We failed. Turned out he didn’t speak much english, and when we said ‘stand here, where I’m jumping, on the stairs, and tank the adds’ what he thought we said was ‘stand over there by the boss and tank the adds’. After two wipes and much hate, the votekick came and he was out. In comes another Death Knight! Hurrah! First thing he says is “I am Polish, I can speak no English”, and proceeds to spout Polish at us.

Out of votekicks, and running out of patience, through a mix of trickery and dumb luck, the tank managed to get the guy to type /camp and it kicked him out. I manage to rope in a tank from guild – a decent tank, one that just last night helped us clear ICC 10 – we fail again, the MT ragequits and the whole thing falls apart.

Next up is the lovely Azjol Nerub. 15 minutes, bish bash bosh, 4 more badges. 8 of 20 so far.

Next I go back to Old Kingdom with a fresh group. All goes well until we get to the elemental trash pulls. Major source of problems here is pulling a patrol while fighting. This happened, we wiped, the votekick is used against – bizzarely – the hunter. She had done nothing wrong so I vote no (as, aparently at least one other did) and she stayed in, but took the hint and left us. Our shadowpriest goes out to repair while we wait. We get a mage in who instantly ports out to org saying ‘he just needs to get reagents’. The priest gets back and stands in the entrance, while the tank is shouting at him to get a move on to both him and the mage. Meanwhile, I’ve alt tabbed to check my mail, next thing I know the tanks pulled a patrol and wipes us. Mage and priest still nowhere in sight. The pally DPS quits, as do I. 10 badges out of 20. I’m only half way there.

Halls of Reflection. Aparently I’m filling in for a dps who just quit. Not a good sign. First wipe is on trash because the healer isn’t keeping the tank up. I mean, he’s healing, certainly, the tanks health is hovering at 20%, it is going up as well as down, it’s just not filling up. Eventually we reach the first boss, and we get a badge! Hurrah. But back on the trash, it’s wipe city, the healer once again failing to keep the tank topped up. The tank quits, the healer blames the tank and then I quit.

Utegard Pinacle. Fast, efficient and fun. 16/20 – 4 more badges, one more instance.

Occulus. Fuck.

Tank and DPS quits instantly, we get two new people in, who also quit.

I snap.

Tank gets a torrent of abuse from myself before I quit out.

Frustrated and tired, all I want is my trinket. Four more damn badges. I resign to one last instance before I damage someone.

ToTC. Finally, an easy, simple, non-hissy-fit-inducing instance. Atleast, that’s what it normally is. Mounted and buffed we get ready to start, only one of us is running in circles confused. The tank has obviously not noticed and started the event, and the rest of us manage to guide our confused friend to the lances then to the riding wolves before we kill the second group of trash.

Despite fearing the worst, the run was successful. I got my badges, and I got my new trinket.

No pain no gain they say, but why does it have to be the same in computer games?

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