These are the voyages…

These are the voyages of the starship Fibonacci. Our continuing mission, to explore a strange new MMO, to find new bugs and new graphical errors. To boldy go where no Beta Tester has gone before.

To the left you will see the current crew of the U.S.S. Fibonacci (NCC – 112358) exploring the Delta Volanis Cluster.

Through the time I’ve been in the Closed Beta the game has changed so much. Seriously, people thought that Cryptic couldn’t add in all the stuff they were promising two months ago, and while yes – they have fallen a bit short – they’ve definitely completed about 80% of what they said they’d do.

In two months they managed to redesign every space station and indoor interior to make it more ‘Trek’ (alot of the Fed ship interiors had huge corridors), redesign patrol and explore missions to be more variable, impliment Klingon PvP, expanded Earth Spacedock to make it more easy to navigate, redesigned the UI, added more uniforms, more races, more customisation to characters.

I say hats off to Cryptic for doing all that, but the game is still undoubtably unfinished. By perhaps a month or two, but unfinished none-the-less

Noteably missing are Bridges (although you can choose them), Klingon PvE (but they said they’d canned that for release), and a number of glaring exploits and bugs still remain (hopefully by the end of Open Beta these bugs will be addressed)

My only worry is that Cryptic will start moving developers off STO and get them working on content for Champions Online (which sorely needs it though) and STO will be left for a long while before anything new is added. I’ve yet to see what the end-game is for STO but it’ll have to be alot better than CO’s daily missions and lacklustre instances to keep peoples attention.

It’s still a pretty fun romp so far. Even redoing missions I’ve previously completed (many many many times in Closed Beta)  are still entertaining, which is a good sign.

I leave you with another screenshot from the closed beta, the Original crew of the Fibonacci.

The Closed Beta crew of the Fibonacci

The Closed Beta crew of the Fibonacci

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