Teething Troubles

Currently, the Star Trek Online Open Beta is suffering the dreaded server overload syndrome. Servers are fit to bursting at the moment making it nigh on impossible to log on. The worst part? The game still suffers from random disconnects, so should you find yourself on the wrong end of one you likely won’t be able to get back in.

According to Stormshade (the community Rep), the problem is server capacity, they’ve express ordered new servers for the full launch. He even admited he can’t log in himself.

What does this say? That Star Trek Online is definitly being hit by countless players wanting to try it out, whether or not they all stay when the game is released relies on their experience in the Beta. I for one will be staying. I’ve found it different enough and fun enough to play alongside other MMO’s.

Anyway, must dash, I need to keep hitting ‘log in’ until I get back in game.

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