New World Man

Star Trek Online is well underway and I can honestly say that I don’t know why I like it. Character creation is a blast. My Cardassian Science Officer and his crew are certainly a unique looking bunch, the graphics are fantasticly detailed, the space combat is fun, the episode missions so far have been quite story-rich, and the exploration missions have been a nice little aside, if not perfect, they’re still reasonably interesting.

But that’s the thing. “Reasonably Interesting” is the best I can muster in terms of praise for the game. It’s fun, and questing and levelling are as addictive as any other MMO.

Syp’s feelings on this pretty much mirror my own and I can’t really see me playing this in two months time. The only way I can see it happening is if we get something exceptional appearing on the horizon for end-game. Something a bit more solid than the borg queen 5-man they’ve announced (unless ofcourse, it’s truly epic in scope) – and proper crafting – all of which have been promised, but with almost no actual details.

On the other hand, it has been the first game where I’ve actually spent more than a day browsing the forums. Treading the flow of bile from whiners, and keeping my Troll detector on high alert notwithstanding, it’s been a mostly positive experience. There has been none of the Trekkie geekery we all feared would ruin the place, and most of what could be described as lore-whoring has been light hearted at best, and poe faced at worse. I’ve yet to see a single flame war erupt.

The most pressing issues on the forums this last week have been:

Fabulous Phasers, and yesterday’s patch that removed the ability to colour your powers

Missing Miniskirts, the inability to put Bridge officers in Pre-order bonus uniforms and the lack of dev response (until yesterday) over their inclusion.

Euro-woe for maintainence – People complaining that shutting the servers down at 2pm GMT to do maintainence is killing the game for Europeans. Get a damn job or get back to school. (Unless you’re a housebound cripple, then just go watch some TV). I do agree that Aussies get shafted though.

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