Children of the Universe

Since the age of 4 I was playing with Lego. Those plastic multi-coloured Danish fun blocks. For me it was second only to my Computer Games (of which I was playing from age 3). So I’ve secretly been keeping one eye on Lego Universe for quite a while now. A sublime merging of my two favourite childhood things.

So imagine my joy when I get an email in telling me that Lego Universe has begun beta testing!

I would have physically done the glee hands if I hadn’t been sitting in the office.

So far it really just looks like a giant infinite Lego version of Second Life crossed with Free Realms, with all the fun of Lego Star Wars/Batman/Indiana Jones etc.

They say they’ll have pre-built models your character can use (Ala Lego Star Wars), along with the ability to create custom ones (Ala proper Lego :D)

Whether or not it’ll keep a grown adult interested remains to be seen. In all likelyhood it will keep kids glued to it. Certainly it seems like the kind of game that will also suit parents playing with their offspring, of which there are very few around.

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