The greatest decision…

.. to buy or not to buy.

I have in my freezer 6 chicken steaks and 2 fish, I have a tin of beans in the cupboard. I have four options.

1) Cook the chicken and beans and have a chicken and bean sandwich

2) Cook the fish and beans and have a fish and bean sandwich

3) Go to Morrisons and buy curly fries

4) Get a takeaway

Bear in mind that I have a raid on tonight and that a detour to Morrisons would cost me my place. It would also look odd to just buy a bag of curly fries, and I don’t know about you but that awkward look I get from cashiers when I do that kind of thing causes a lingering haunting sensation.

Also, a takeaway would likely involve me getting a Curry, and thus tomorrow I’d be going into work farting like an unwell cow.

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