A Blast from the Past

It’s been a long time since I was in Naxxramas beyond the Weekly bosses, but (If you’re reading this today you can probably see from the achievement feed) last night we decided that we’d do a 10-man farming run. It’s amazing how formerly troublesome fights become stupidly easy when out-geared for it and how some fights still trip you up if you forget what to do.

Take Instructor Razuvious for example, even when everyones in iLevel 232 gear that can still go horribly wrong if the Mind Control tanks mess up their timings, or if people wander in too close and pull prematurely *glares at certain guildies*.

On the flip side of this were the numerous bosses we got down before their special moves. Like Noth the Plaguebringer, whom we nuked down before he teleported once, or Gothik the Harvester and his minions, where we all stayed on the live side and AoEd down the massive rush of 20 mobs at once from the undead side with no casualties, then proceeded to take him down before he teleported twice.

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