Retconga liiine!

Thanks to we have our first glimpse into the pre-Cataclysm patch (Number 3.9) and it’s everything that I thought it would be. The Gnomes finally take back Gnomeregen and the Trolls take back the Echo Isles.

Now, I’m all for reworking the lore to tell a better story, but the number of Retcons Blizzard have pulled out of their arses for this one is incredible. Both Zalazane and Thermaplugg faked their own deaths. Yet another “xxx was only a setback” retcon.

How many characters have been ressurected/retconned from prior encounters in WoW (I’m not counting things like the RTS games, otherwise the list would probably be twice as long)

1) Anub’arak, returns after being killed in Azjol Nerub as the final boss in the Crusaders Colloseum

2,3 and 4) The Blood princes, three vampiric elves return having been killed in the Old Kingdom, Utegard Keep and Naxxanar in Borean Tundra.

5) Bolvar Fordragon returns in Icecrown (but not as a boss)

6) Saurfang Jr returns in Icecrown (as a boss)

7) The Black Knight, from the 5-man crusaders colloseum (although, that was all one patch really)

8 through 26) Every boss in Naxxramas

27) Onyxia

28) Everyone’s favourite, Mal’ganis

29) Zalazane

30) Mekgineer Thermaplugg

That’s 30 Characters that have been brought back from the dead in Wrath of the Lich King alone. With 19 boss encounters recycled wholesale.

Yet I can still say with confidence that I’ve enjoyed WOTLK more than I have any other WoW Expansion, and I hope that Cataclysm live up to and exceeds the bar set, if not exceeding the number of recycled encounters 🙂

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