Champions Online Free Weekend

Jumping on a model that would be familiar to those who play any of Valves output, the next big patch of Champions Online – Revelation – will co-inside with a 72 hour free-play session for anyone – even if you’ve not bought the boxed game (just sign up on the site and download the client!)

To be honest, I’ve lambasted Cryptic before for their poor marketing strategies, their apparent hatred of their paying customers and their monocular quest for more cash, but this may be the first step in reperations in my eyes.

Yes, it makes financial sense, it whiffs somewhat of desperation, but after the fiasco that the launch was this kind of acts as a re-launch. A sort of “Look at where we are now!” shout out to those who left (like me) and a “Look! More stuff” for those who never played in the first place.

Considering I stopped playing at the end of January, the patch size is relatively low (it’s a whole 1.3Gb unpacked, and about 600Mb of actual download) which has so far taken me 30 minutes to get to 60% – which is a massive boost compared to the initial days where I’d be leaving my PC on for two straight days just to get the patches.

Tool up and move out. Lasair’s Sonic Arrows will be getting another airing. Lets hope this lives up to the hype 😀

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