It’s been a while

The problem with Closed Beta Testing is that the most newsworthy stuff happens and I can’t tell anyone about it. So other than daily Heroics in WoW and the occasional ICC Raid there really isn’t anything happening for me at the moment MMO Wise that I can talk about. Except maybe the pervasive PuGs I do for VoA and the Weekly Raids where – almost without fail – we manage to pick up Legollas the Blood Elf Paladin. He’s become somewhat of a Legend in our Guild. Any raid with him in it is likely to succeed despite the fact that he struggles to pull enough DPS to catch up (or atleast he did last time I partied with him. He must be getting alot of badges from his constant pugging)

On the subject of Paladins I leave you with a WoW Comic from March 2008

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