All Points Bulletin – Closed Beta Giveaway

If you’ve followed anything of what I’ve said over the last two months (which, I’ll be honest isn’t terribly much) then you’ll know I’ve been playing the All Points Bulletin Closed Beta.

It is a fantastically fun game, even though it’s still in Closed Beta. Problems are there, ofcourse, it’s still beta, and if anyone out there wants to get in on the act and help Realtime Worlds polish this game to a spit shine now is your chance. I have 1 extra European Closed Beta Key to give away to someone.

It’s Criminals Vs Enforcers, so, in order to win the key, I want to hear your favourite Gangster movie quotes. Just reply with your quote, the movie it’s from and why you think it should win and your E-mail Address. (Your Email Address will NOT be published)

Get Quoting. The Competition will run until Saturday 24th at 5pm BST, at which point I’ll choose and announce a winner.

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3 Responses to All Points Bulletin – Closed Beta Giveaway

  1. Shadow says:

    “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” – The Godfather

    It’s one of the greatest quotes from a gangster movie – so much that it’s become cliche 🙂

  2. Shadow says:

    Thanks! 🙂

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