APB – Release date and Payment Announced

Massivly revealed today All Point Bulletin’s release date and payment scheme – We’ll be playing it in North America on June 29 and on July 2 in Europe. Which is weird, because Real-time Worlds is a Scottish Developer, operating from Dundee. The City I called home for 5 years. Infact, I could take a 2 hour drive, bang on their doors and go “Oi, give us the game now!”.

Also, don’t count on it being like the STO, Champions or Fallen Earth release, where all the world go on the same servers, and thus those in Europe could get in after the head-start. No, as far as I’m aware Americans and Europeans will be seperated from the start, in a similar manner to WoW. I can’t go into much more detail as the NDA still holds, but that’s the way it’s looking.

The payment model however is a work of genius. You have two options. Standard MMO Sub, 30 days, £8, just like anything else. Option Two is the casual sub. You pay £5.59 for 20 in-game hours. That equates to 28p/hour. So if you’re going to play more than 29 hours a month (that is, atleast 1 hour every day) you go for the main sub. If not you go for the casual sub.

This means that you can pay for the game, play the game and if you love it, keep paying the monthly sub, or if you fancy playing it at lunchtime during work, or for a few hours at the weekend, then fine, switch to the pay-per-hour model. Likewise if you get MMO burnout. I know when I’ve burned out an MMO that there are those times I get the itch and I need to scratch it, the 20-hour is just what I’m looking for.

Hopefully this model will succeed and other MMO’s will pick it up too. It’s worked so far in the Far East, there’s little or no reason it shouldn’t work here too.

Here’s to little morsels of MMO’s. Here’s to the Sushi model. Or if we’re talking about Westernising it, should that be the Tapas model?

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