Summertime Blues

There’s been alot of talk in the MMO world about the up and coming WoW Expansion Cataclysm. Now, I won’t be talking about that today. Frankly, Blizzard keep changing the goalposts with regards to it so I’m not going to start blubbing about stuff until we’re sure it’s going in. Also, RealID forum names was bad, I get it. Internet activism works. Hurrah!

You may (or may not) be wondering what the goddamn hell I’ve been doing these last months. Well, I’ve been dilligently working and frantically saving to buy a house and as such I’ve not had much time to try out any MMO’s since I left the APB Beta.

Incidently, APB is now out, and although I only got to play it for a day before I moved into a house with no internet connection (boo) It’s looking quite shapely and fun from the start. Luckilly you don’t have to set up a subscription and those 50 free hours I got for pre-ordering carry over so no big loss there.

What’s really got me posting again is the news that Star Trek Online is releasing season 2. Now, that game, for me, had two big bugbears. Zero end-game content (fixed somewhat in Season 1) and a bland, flat mission system of kill kill kill pew pew pew RARGH! I’m a Klingon and I’ll talk before shooting you, and outside some awesome moments of glory (The doomsday device, retaking DS9, hell, most of Cardassian space tbh) the random missions were all a little samey.

Now they’re adding in a new mission mode. Diplomacy! Going back to the old Picard way of doing things I believe. Meeting new civilisations, being diplomatic, gaining Star Fleet kudos and buying more gear. The rewards are the same but the method is new and shiny! They’re also adding in new mini-games for resource gathering and they’re adding ‘Dabo’ tables (you may remember it from DS9 as a kind of loud sparkly form of roulette) where you can win Latinum (another form of in-game currency, sheesh guys, for a post-capitalist utopia the Federation sure are focused on accumulating currencies. Although, if you could just replicate the best stuff right away it’d make for a boring MMO)

It’s the diplomacy I’m most interested in. From what I’ve seen on the forums it’s the most unforgiving part of the game yet. Before you actually make contact you have to research the species in the database (IE, Read the bloody Quest log). When you beam down you’ll be practically surrounded by glowing interaction items and switching the wrong one off will lead to a failure. It certainly seems more involved than before and it might add a bit of freshness and variety to what was becoming a slightly stale old game.

When I get the internet back it might be worth throwing out a few quid for another month of play 🙂

-edit, this also appears to be my 100th blog post. Go me…

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