Cataclysm, Classes and Characters

Spinks is having a go at analysing various ways of choosing your next character, so I thought, for my first post in a long while, to write about the way I choose a class.
First off, I’m quite happy tanking, DPSing or healing. All roles are fun to play for me, however Healing and DPS will always be my favourites, and I love how in Cataclysm healers will be encouraged to DPS in their quiet moments by giving mana back on DPS spells.
Because I’m happy doing anything, I’m a big fan of classes that can do two or more things (not necessarily in the same spec mind). This should be clear as my main in WoW is a Balance druid with a Resto 2nd spec (of which I’m competent, but hardly spectacular at), my 2nd 80 was a Deathknight, Main tank, off DPS.
It mainly comes from the fact that when I played City of Heroes it was a game where one class did one thing, where while you could jiggle about with your powers and make offensive more powerful than defensive, actually playing an offensive defender (the ‘healing’ class) was nigh on impossible when I played it. You had to group, there was no other way, no soloing missions, I couldn’t even down a basic levelled mook, nothing. From then on I pretty much stuck with hybrids so I can flip-flop between as needed.
Not only that, but I’ve played both a Rogue and a Mage in WoW (two of the three single role classes) up to a decent level and I really just don’t find the prospect of end-gaming with them any fun. Warlocks, maybe, their trees play very  I like to bring lots of things to a group, not just DPS (and yes, mages bring nice buffs, but it’s hardly a major change in playstyle).
My second criteria after versatility is name. Either funny or meaningful. Crafting a character from the limited visual choices in most MMO’s is hard, but a name can bring it out (not that I intend even to RP, it just helps me better connect with the character). If I can’t think of a proper name for it I leave the creation until later.
Names like Wightknight for my DK, Bantam for my Warrior, Lurgielass my undead Rogue (Lurgie as in Disease and as a pastiche of all those Legolas alternatives out there), Gearheart for my Gnome Mage, Mitch Hellbringer for my Axe-wielding kilt wearing Scottish barbarian in Champions Online, or Leviticus for my Paladin (or indeed, my Empath Defender in CoH).
This brings me on to Cataclysm, and the character I’ll be creating when that comes out.
Firstly, it has to be something I’ve not created before to and raised to any significant level. So It has to be Priest (previously only up to about 20) as I’ve leveled every other class up to alteast 60 (yah yah, too much time blah blah… I lived in Berwick for 9 months, it gets boring down there)
Secondly, the character, as it’s the expansion, will have to be a Goblin (won’t catch me rolling a proper Alliance character any time soon :P) and all that entails. Goblins are greedy, tech savvy and selfish. Not really things that go well with Priestly masters of the holy light. So doing a serious name (like Leviticus) wouldn’t really fit. It’ll have to have a comedy name for a comedy race.
As with many of my characters names they normally come when I least expect it. You get that feeling that you just know it’s right. It just clicks. This name clicked for me, and I’ve already reserved it on Khadgar EU. “Crucifixit”
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