4.0.1 – levelling and balance issues

Just thought I’d let you know that my level 10 Disc priest soloed Hogger naked, that my level 11 Paladin is crit-killing level 11 mobs with Avengers shield, and that my level 43 Shaman can spam heal a tank using Healing surge and not worry about mana.

The new trees may be balanced for level 85, but they’re certainly making the rest of the game almost trivial. I was in a Mauradon group that lost the tank right at the start and we completed it using a moonkin and a rogue doing the tanking, and never stopping for mana breaks.

The learning curve is incredibly shallow at the moment, it’s nigh on impossible to wipe unless you’re totally asleep.

We can only hope they’ve retuned all of the old instances when 4.0.3 comes out, otherwise alot of people are going to be in for a massive surprise when they get to level 85 raiding.

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