Midnight Write-ins and Time Gypsies

NaNoWriMo has officially started! This was my first year at a midnight write-in (that is, being there for the kickoff at midnight on the 1st) and I got my first 1600 words down.

My Novel this year is about a man in Cryonic Suspension who is woken up 100 years later, along with over a thousand other people who then attempt to integrate into a strange but familiar society who are wary and fearful of their arrival. Add on top of this, our main character is suffering from a case of mistaken identity and is now on the run from some rather unscrupulous men.

It’s main focus, aside from clearing his name, is the Immigration side of it. I was thinking of titles along the lines of “Temporal” and “Immigrants”. Unfortunately, all that I and Thesaurus.com could come up with was “Time Gypsies”. I’d really like a proper name for it.

I have, however, come up with a basis for next years NaNo novel.

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