Cataclysm Released

The reason I don’t play the opening night of WoW expansions

From MMO-Champion:

Cataclysm is now live in Europe
Enjoy. (And try to be nice with the login servers)

Also, an useful reminder. Binding your “interact with target” key and using it after doing /target “NPC Name” is your only chance to quest.

I have been levelling a Troll Druid on Ahn’Quiraj as part of  TotalBiscuit’s TrollFaceDotJPG guild, currently Sparklefart is sitting at level 69 and is ready to level through an empty Northrend, by the time I’m done the Cataclysm areas should be empty.

I was on at 11:01 last night. It was quite funny, everyone was standing at the Flight Trainer waiting for the countdown to finish. I mean, everyone. My framerate dropped to about 5FPS (from a normal 60 in Orgrimarr) and with nameplates on it bugged out and they were pushing off the screen.

The irony was that they had to relog in order to activate Cataclysm on their account (and thus buy Old World Flying), with a message popping up at about 11:03 saying everyone should do just that.

Guess what! The login servers crashed and didn’t get back on their feet until about midnight! It affected the whole of, including Starcraft 2, which went down at the same time.

Pro tip Blizzard: separate your games Login servers so when one is hammered the other game can be played.

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