All Quiet on the Gotham Front

Lasair, currently languishing around level 10

The blog-o-sphere seems to be quite quiet in relation to DC Universe Online. Most of the keywords are filled with people selling DCUO cash (which is really funny because there’s sod all to buy and you’re never short) but there are a few good posts if you root around hard enough.

Not surprisingly, people who blog about it are playing the game, and most of theme seem to be preparing full reviews of the game once their free month is up. Very few seem to be doing regular opinion updates (indeed, most of my blogroll are ignoring it) but I expect DCUO to start trending in the next couple of weeks as people come out with their final thoughts and whether or not it keeps subscribers.

Meanwhile here’s a few blog posts I’ve found in the mire. The concensus seems to be the same. The game is fun, looks good and is worth your initial cash, but longevity is thin, and Sony suck at PR.

Yukon Sam likes the game, but dislikes Sony’s standoffish approach to feedback.

Comet Girl agrees that the quests are a bit samey, Oolong island is full of bugs, but the core game and the solo instances are excellent and overall the game is still worth the initial payout

Deede is very pissed off with the server downtimes – luckily that doesn’t seem to be an issue any more

Digital Empire shows off a collection of costume screengrabs

Vicarious Existence talks about first week sales and why Sony are trying to bleed money out of Australia

I’m still tidying up my penultimate thoughts on DCUO, expect a longer review tomorrow, and expect my thoughts on the end game by the end of the week.

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  1. UnSubject says:

    Thanks for the link back!

    Sony locked the main thread on the DCUO PC forums questioning why Australia is being charged so much more, which was partly caused by trolling. No formal answer to why it costs so much more has been provided though. My current thoughts is that it is simply someone thinking that the AU$ is going to drop all the way back to much lower levels, but I’m not sure SOE is going to say that publicly. Why the subscription fee should be 33% higher but the Station Cash is 60% higher is another questionable area.

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