APB Reloaded

I’ve often waxed on about the potential that APB had and ultimately failed to fullfill on this blog. It was a catastrophic failure, worthy of lament, that such a game would die on it’s feet weeks after being pushed out of the door.

Now it has returned from the grave, and into Closed Beta. Now, whether like Lazarus it will return fully fleshed out and hit the ground running, or whether it will be a shambling zombie atrocity is yet to be seen, but seeing as it’s being published and run by GamersFirst, a company known for such illustrious games as “Sword 2”, “Knight Online World” and “9 Dragons” it’s bound to be… something.

Having never played (or heard of before now) any of GamersFirst games, I cannot really comment on their quality, or their playerbase, but they’ve essentially been handed a completed, high-quality, next gen MMO who’s only failings were that it was light on content and light on balance. Granted, they were big failings, and failings that cost alot of people alot of money. So can a pokey company who’s brief is buying Asian MMOs and porting them, fix the problems inherent in the game?

This is a chance for GamersFirst to break into a bigger market and make a name for themselves. Hopefully they’ll turn into something like Gearbox software, who started in 1999 porting Half-life to consoles and doing expansions, and has wound up making games like Borderlands (and in a return to form finishing off Duke Nukem Forever). Hopefully there’s enough talent in the company to keep pushing new content updates and patches for APB, and to address the problems that were inherent in the game.

Oh, and go sign up for Closed Beta

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