Delicious Vendor Trash

World of Warcraft is one of those oddities in my life. The one thing that I both love and hate with a passion. I love the game for the people I’ve met, the things we’ve done together and the fun we had doing it.

I hate the game for putting me in my current situation. My guild is having trouble with raiding, we can only down Baradin Hold 10 man, and fail spectacularly on Magmaw. We tried Wyrmbreaker last night and it was just a total clusterfuck.

Honestly, the only fun I’ve been getting from WoW recently has been exploring the world through the new Archaeology profession. In an inversion of the Raid-or-die mentality, Grey Vendor Trash has become my reward for playing, along side the odd funky trinket, of which I have about 6 now, and the mount, and a couple of pets. Oh, and the epic caster trinket. And the “Assistant Professor” and “Associate Professor” titles.

Occasionally sitting for 2 hours wiping on Magmaw, progressing no further in the fight (and sometimes going backwards) leaves everyone frustrated and deflated, but using an item that summons sword-dancing dwarves makes it all better.

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