What ever happened to…

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last 5 years it’s never trust me to pick a winner. I seem to have a knack for backing vapourware or false starters.

From it’s first announcment till it’s death and up-comming ressurection, I followed All Points Bulletin with a passion. It was a game built by people who had once been on the same course at Uni, and indeed kept their office two streets away from the main campus. I wanted it to succeed because it was what I aspired to be, and, like the game, I never quite reached the heights it aspired to. Unlike the game, I’ve yet to crash and burn spectacularly.

Two other games were the focus of my hopes for next-gen MMO greatness over a similar period of time, for differing reasons. Jumpgate Evolution, because it’s a mix of Freelancer and the X Series in an MMO, and Stargate Worlds, because I’m a great big Stargate Nerd. But what ever happened to them?

Well, I can honestly say that Stargate Worlds is dead. Completely and utterly. Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, who released Stargate: Resistance in order to drum up some support for their flagging MMO development, posted on the 16th of January this year that they are unable to continue selling or operating SG:R. That’s all thats on the official CME website. No more income, no more investors. The Stargate Worlds site itself is dead, the forums are filled with nothing but trolls asking inane questions about the game, and they’ve even taken to not putting the date on their news posts, so there’s no way of knowing when the last official posting was.

With the company seriously suffering and the forums abandoned and cracking I don’t see anything coming of this until the company officially goes under, then the possibility of asset buy-out is there. Strangely though, CME has had a knack of pulling itself up again. This time however, I doubt it.

Jumpgate Evolution has a slightly rosier future. I say slightly purely because the company doesn’t seem to be in imminent threat of closure. Indeed the game is just as likely to be released as SGW at this point, since as of December last year they’re apparently embroiled in a lawsuit regarding the fact they’ve failed to release the game. The last posts on the facebook and Twitter feed were in October last year. Expect news on this soon, surely it can’t take that long to get to court… can it?

When CME goes under and sells it’s assets, we might see the game resurface (likely without the Stargate Licence) if it’s picked up by another company. Depending on the result of the Jumpgate lawsuit, we might see a similar selling off, and since it’s a unique IP we may see an APB style ressurection.

Indeed, either might be up for a Star-Trek Online style ressurection, the parent who owns the IP move the assets to a known, reliable company and hurled out the door in record time. Crazilly enough, despite the fact that little or nothing regarding either game has been released recently, I get the feeling we’ll be hearing alot more from both in the coming months. Even if it is just an official obituary.

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